Welcome to my blog. Chris is my first name and I guess it isn’t hard to guess what my last name is; beginning of my thirties, managing technical products to pay off my home loan and pretty much into most nerdy things, besides enjoying woodworking and photography.

The blog doesn’t follow any strict release dates nor plans, whenever there’s something I feel is worth publishing, it will get published. Content is mixed - sometimes in German, sometimes in English. Have no qualms using the web translation service of your choice. It changes display mode based on your device, if you are using darkmode, the blog will use as well.

One can find me here as well, mostly inactive on social media: Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, BlueSky, Mastodon and Threads.

This is a low tech website: no tracking, no ads, no cookies and no nonsense. The blog is hosted on GitHub and powered by Hugo - an open source static website generator. It’s getting deployed via GitHub Actions. Feel free to browse the blog’s repository, there’s nothing to hide.

All of the content published here is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 - you can share and redistribute the content in any medium or format. You can adapt, remix, transform or build upon this as long as you are attributing this blog, don’t use it commercially and please share the remixed content also with CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.